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 Dan PIER  

Dan Pier doesn't exist as a photographer, he works in an environment very distant from the photo. But his life is regulated by a succession of images accumulated over thirty years. Each moment, in the street, at work, on the subway, during travels, holidays, … , his eye captures images with or without a viewfinder.

Recently, he has decided to exhume his photographs to show them to the public. As a first step, he has chosen to present a series of portraits realized with instantaneous photography « Polaroid ». His portraits of designers, comedians, musicians, singers, actors or other figures unfamiliar to the public are always improvised, without the staging, out of the photo studio ; it is the capture of a look and an attitude, with no academicism, simply a resemblance with the portrayed person.

The derisory art of instantaneous photography

Taking Polaroid pictures is not obvious, Polaroid cameras are not at the same technological level as major brands, and in many cases taking Polaroid pictures makes people smile. For a long time professional criticism, indifferent towards this photographic gender, has been silent. However Andy Warhol, even though widely challenged at the time, has shown that it is possible to produce with these plastic cases signed Polaroid, original works that are among the best-known of Pop Art and 20th century creation. 

Instantaneous photography is and will remain a parasite art, having to deal with the stereotypes coming mostly from digital photography; here, no large format, no million pixels, only a small square appearing just a few minutes after the shooting. But therein lies the magic of Polaroid: being able to see the photo revealing itself before our eyes in a few seconds, even if it is imperfect, which makes the picture even more vibrant. By their imperfections, these instantaneous photographs do not seek to reproduce but only to resemble. The portraits that I realize are not academic, most times they show an unexpected attitude and look of the portrayed person. 

Thus, a new approach to photographic creation is possible and this is the essential challenge of my approach oriented towards a "different" photography, an unpretentious and desisory art.




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