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"Dans la vague du temps suspendu"


Stéphanie Malossane


Suspended times, stretched, rolled veiled, unveiled, superimposed, hidden, released. Places meet, become confused, mingle between sleep and awakening, ephemeral and acquired. 


Nature vibrates, creates links between elements and man, sea, sky, earth. Outstanding birds or in falling stars as sudden, repetitive thoughts. Fell on days and nights, from white to indigo, from visible to invisible. From eclipse to glare.


Forms evolve. Transparent silhouettes in movement, fragile and strong, Man blends into his environment, migrates, becomes bird in an inner sea. 


Childhood is light, deep and moving like water. It brings us back to what is essential.


Thoughts overlap. Everyone draws his emotions and brings his history, gets lost and finds himself there. Time passes by and remains in us. Light reaches us in charge of the universe.



My work is like a wave in motion that comes and retreats, stretches and wraps, returns, writes, erases, rewrites, erases again, inspires, expires, reverses, duplicates, emerges and disappears, remembers and forgets, veils and reveals, borrows and gives back to the past the present the future.  I aspire to superimpose times and places, to play with the memory, the light, the notion of blur. I look at the depth, the space, the mouvement, seeking positions in the vibrations, I project, lock, remove, open and aerate.

It is an interior wave, a light that was, will be and is in a same regained time to find and always keep looking. The work appropriates techniques and historical and contemporary photographic processes, painting, videos, manipulations. 

I aspire to suggest emotional or physical transition from one state to another. It is a journey, a vision, a travel in time and space at different levels of consciousness.  Tiny in this deep void, evolving Man belongs to the universe and is reflected in it as a mirror of water.


Stéphanie Malossane 2015.



92310 Sèvres, France

Tel +33 (0) 6 17 90 67 37


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