Gérard BESSET 

Born in Paris in 1945

1983 - Salon  d’Automne, Paris

1984 - Amnesty  International, Paris

1985 – Salon des Indépendants, Casablanca

1986 – Resto du cœur, Bordeaux – France.

1987 – Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris

1991 -  Compagnie Serge Keuten C.C Ecouen

1991 – Galerie Allan Art – Singapour.

1991 – Galerie Watanabe – Singapour.

1992 – Centre  Pompidou, Beaubourg Paris

1992 – Cirque d’hiver pour Delsey Paris

1992 – Palais  de Versailles, Versailles

2001 – F I A C , Stockholm – Suède.

2002 – Salon Art en Cambrésis

2002 – Salon SNBA Louvres, Paris

2009 – Le Workshop, Deauville

2010 - Galerie ARTERY, Bangkok

2013 -  Salon de l'Orangerie Sénat Paris

2013 -  Salon de Montreuil Paris


Gérard Besset was born on December 14, 1945 in Paris. He started his career with Lanvin Castillo, realizing his first sketches in fashion design. Then came the encounter with the Impressionnist world of  Seurat, Signac, Renoir and Monet, and his transition from the fashion design to the painting. But it is only after he discovered the work of artists such as Pollock, Klein, Riopelle, Mitchell and Francis that he started to explore the freedom of abstract expression in which he found a means of expressing his search: " to give an impression of the world by creating an art that takes place in a three-dimensional universe ". His own artistic universe can be defined as a world of sensations resulting from conflicts between traces, materials and colours.


His imagination is nourished by artists such as Pierre Soulages, Hartung, Matthieu or even Zao Wou-ki but he distances himself from them by stressing his personal research on the surface on which the trace will be laid.


Asserting he is more a visual artist than a painter he also expresses himself in engraving and sculpture. He experiences new rough materials such as stone, plaster and wire mesh that offer him new possibilities for his trace. He is particularly seduced by Altuglas that allows him to play with transparencies and superpositions. This new technique evidences an ambivalent reading of the artworks, mixing matt and glossy aspects, transparency and opaqueness.​​​​​


Founder of the French cultural association "Arts Pluriels", created in 1990, he organizes exhibitions, symposiums, conferences and public and private events, aiming to promote Contemporary Art . The association is the result of his personal wish to fight for a true freedom of expression. He has been exhibiting his works in France and abroad since 1980 and he has done more than 30 educational missions as well as about fourty live art performances (music painting).


More than fourty cultural events have led him to work in Casablanca, Rabat, New York, Mexico, Singapour, Bali, Fort de France, Berlin, Gabrovo, Paris and many towns in the Val d’Oise where he lives.



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