Loc'ART service

Loc'Art offers a service of rental, sale or lease-purchase of artworks to private individuals or PME.


The sales prices (all taxes included) of the artworks are calculated from the monthly rental price (which represents between 4,5 et 6% of the sale price all taxes included, depending on the value of the work). VAT applicable on renting is 19,6%. On the sale, VAT is applied on the margin according to the legal provisions in force, which amount to an average rate of 6% .


Arworks rental is determined in accordance with the terms of the quote accepted by the client, containing the price and the initial period. Rental shall take effect on the date of delivery which is subjet to a delivery note accepted by the client.


Rental is renewable by tacit agreement for a standard period of one year, unless other arrangement is desired and formalized by the client. The client can interrupt his contract for one or more works with a 3 months notice.


The client may request the change of one or more works on a quarterly basis. This change will be signalled through an addendum to the contract updating the quote in accordance with the new artworks, accepted by the client, and will be subject to a delivery note.


Insurance : the works must be assured by the client during their presence at the client's location. A certification must be provided by the client upon delivery. If the client wishes to move the works to another site, he must inform us in advance (special transport provisions, ecc...).


Payment : rental payment is made monthly (accruing term).

Artetplus reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and will notify it to its clients by email.