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The notion of blur


Stéphanie Malossane


Stéphanie Malossane presents a collection of limited-edition photographs on the “Blur and sea” theme. She reflects on the different values of blur in painting and photography. Her attention is focused on the transcription of pictorial blur in photography.

She praises the inaccuracy by assigning it a positive value. Indeed, the deletion of all the details allows to focus on the main subject and to approach the real in all his depth. Like in her paintings Stéphanie Malossane works on the overlay and the transparency. She aspires to suggest notions of vibration, sound and interpretation of forms. These are resonances, echoes that activate the memory levels on the support, by fixing and moving all at once the superimpositions of time, present, past, and future.

These vibrations generate multiple thoughts, unlimited reflections leading to infinite. Once blurred the boundaries, space is created. It is an opening to the world. The veil of mist eventually reveals ourselves, acts on our consciousness and our unconsciousness reflects our excitement. Whether we lose ourselves or find ourselves in the blur, the passage remains dreamlike and poetic to reach the invisible.




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