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« You have the ideas, we have the means to make them real. »

imane HANATY
imane HANATY

IMANE HANATY Relations presses et relations publiques


Dedicated to private individuals, artists, art collectors, associations and PME, the services + are custom-made services developped to support your cultural projects at an affordable price


For private individuals/ artists, we offer: 

  • Editing and Media relations

  • Original purchase

  • Web publishing composing

  • Visual Image (logo, flyer, advertising) 

  • Social network training

  • Documentary, video, photography (portfolio composing)


For associations and  PME:

  • Cultural event coordination

  • Writing and Media relations

  • Public Relations

  • Organization of product launching events

  • Artwork renting for your venues or events (see Loc'art)

  • Documentary, video, photography

  • Original purchase

  • Editorial and web composing

  • Social network training


For collectors :

Management and collection tracking including :

  • Inventory of artworks, in hard copy and in electronic format

  • Art pieces photography

  • Fiscal, insurance documents and certificate recovery

  • Management of artwork transportation and storage

  • Optional website design





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