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Gérard Besset - Les vapeurs pourpres  

Gérard BESSET :
In Homage to J.P Riopelle
16/09/2015 - 30/10/2015

For his 70th birthdays, the french artist Gérard Besset would you to pay homage to  J.P RIOPELLE 


This exhibition groups together a series of large-format creations.


These works on paper are abstractions in which imagination expresses the power of emotions in a quest of hatching.

The freedom of the visual language offers a work mainly on paper. 


The material dimension of these canvases, often in large format, shows a specific use of the trace as an explosion of the multiple facets of the inner world.

The gerky or large gesture multiplies and takes various rhythms, the trace is soft or violent but always in the thickness of the material which is mainly acrylic. 




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